Profitable production, thriving grasslands, abundant wildlife, and the honor of continuing a century of prairie stewardship by our families. These are the goals of our ranch, and our commitment to the future.

Dale Veseth

Veseth Cattle Company is owned and operated by Dale and Janet Veseth and Dale’s parents Fred and Jackie Veseth, is a family owned operation since 1942.

Veseth Cattle Company is first a commercial cow-calf operation and secondly a seedstock operation, with an Annual Production Sale offering bulls and replacement females. 

Dale is always focused on accomplishing his goals which are:

  1. Sell products directly to the end consumer and get direct feedback as to value.
  2. Create a model for ecological sustainability while producing efficient food and fiber for the world.
  3. Improve resource stewardship on the ranch to improve our natural resources.
  4. Produce the most efficient beef cow on limited resources for the Northern Great Plains.
  5. Develop composite cattle that excel in all phases of production.
  6. Educate ourselves and the general public on the merits of sustainable resource management.
  7. Run a profitable business that is socially responsible and supports our local communities.
  8. Build partnerships through cooperation that generate trust, hope and community involvement.

The overall goal which encompasses those listed above is to maintain living and working landscapes for future generations; create and maintain situations where people cohabit with wildlife in one environment.